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A few months back when the weather was still pretty cool, we decided to explore some touristy part of Hong Kong.  Went on a day trip to the Lantau Island to check out what the place is like.  We wanted to visit Tai O, a fishing village.  At least it was a fishing village before.  Now, it's more like a little getaway from the city for tourists.  

The nonstop bus transfer was quite complicated...well, it was more because we didn't prepare well and just head out the door taking our chances and took whatever bus that would lead us to the Tai O direction.  That wasn't a very good idea.  Turns out it took us more than 2 hours to get to Tai O with all the transferring and waiting.  There is a ferry at Tuen Mun pier that directly heads to Tai transfer needed...

Because of the endless bus transfer, I ended up at Mui Wo, a place in the middle of no where with pretty much nothing to do.  Well, there's a beach....probably has some water sports, but it's not the temperature for water sports when I went.  Notice the big jacket I am wearing.  The bus to Tai O from Mui Wo is about an hour and the bus departs every 15 or 20 min.  Sitting by the shore and asking myself why I didn't research well online on how to get to Tai O.  Now I had to pay the price of sitting in the middle of nowhere and getting my brain blown out by the strong wind...

After a more than an hour, I have arrived at Tai O.  I was so excited that I have finally arrived after so many hours of commute that I just hopped onto the first sight seeing boat ride I saw, which isn't the best idea.  Usually the first sight seeing boat you see at the entrance is the most expensive, which turns out to be the case, but it's OK, as it was just HK$30.  If I walked another 50 steps further, there were the same boat ride for HK$20. It's a 30 minute boat ride that takes you around the village then heads out to the sea to see some white dolphins.  We weren't lucky that day and didn't get to see any dolphins.  I would be surprised if anyone saw any as there is a major construction there, building a bridge between Hong Kong and Macau. 

So, this is the little boat.

Kind of cool to have the village built on top of water.

The village isn't that big, but is lined up with their specialty food.  Here a stall that grills fish roes and squid.  Very yummy for people that don't mind the fishy flavor.

Lots of different types of fish row to grill.

I forgot what I got, but just a bunch of random stuff from the baskets.

There are also giant fish balls, which I think aren't that special.  It's really just like the name, a really big fish ball.  Other than the size, there's nothing special.  They taste just like any other fish balls.

Other than giant fish ball, there's the soy sauce giant squid.  Which again, not that special in terns of flavor and you don't actually get the entire squid.  They chop it up into cubes and you get a little cup of squid cubes.

Then more touring around munching on the grilled dried seafood.

Lots of camera worthy spots.

The village/island is so small, I am surprised they have their own fire department.  They have the cutest fire trucks there.  It must be pretty relaxing working as a fire fighter there, probably not much work to do at all.

Just as I was lining up to get on the ferry to get back to the city, I realized there is a wetland park there.  Something for me to take a look on my next visit.

Tai O is at point R at Places Part 2:

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