Circle K Convenience Store Raid - Hong Kong

It seems to be a hotspot for gathering in the New Territories late at night when everything is closed at 1am.  It is not surprising due to its winning qualities.  

1. It's open 24 hours
2. Unlimited supply of alcohol at a cheap price
3. It's very big and spacious with blasting AC (usually 7-11 is smaller)
4. There are lots of snacks and junk food
5. Or if you are really looking for a meal, you can buy microwavable bento.  There are wings, drumsticks, dim sum.  Or if you are feeling very healthy, get a salad.
6. Their selection of ice cream wins 7-11's selection by far.
7. They have very user friendly mobile app with coupons to save money and collect e-stamps to redeem random products that are cute but not useful (sometimes)
8.  Most of the OK offers standing tables for you to eat in their shops, while that rarely happens in 7-11.
9. They serve a lot of different hot food!

We are not affiliated with this company or app.  We just truly love it from our hearts.

Last night, my girl friends and I had a crazy craving for ice cream mochi.  I persuaded one of my friends to download and install the OK app.  Immediately, we got 2 $5 coupon.  We made two transactions of 2 packs of ice cream mocchi (it was on sales for $12.9 for 2 packages, while Welcome supermarket was selling it for $16 for a pack).  When we finished the 2 transactions, we have accumulated enough e-stamps to get the 5th pack of ice cream mochi for free.  That comes to HKD$3.16 per pack of ice cream mochi.  That's US$0.40 per pack!  Proud of our money save for our ice cream mochi party.


Circle K Convenience Store Raid - Hong Kong Circle K Convenience Store Raid - Hong Kong Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, September 02, 2017 Rating: 5

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