Penthouse - Causewaybay, Hong Kong

It's was a long work day that ended at 9pm.  Super tiring.  Happened to end work in Causewaybay near Penthouse.  A good reason to treat ourselves to some fine food.  During the time when I went, Penthouse participated in the Eatigo app discount.  It was 50% after 9pm.  So, I couldn't find a reason not to go.

We ordered a linguine vongole.  Fresh clam.  Very soft.  The portion is small, but the taste was great.

We also ordered a filet mignon medium rare.  Very soft and tender, just like the way I like it.  The portion isn't very big, just 8 oz., but we getting 50% off.  It's so delicious, I think I can devour double the portion alone.  Grilled to perfection.

Lastly, we ordered Strawberry Yogurt Nitrogen.  It is certainly fun to eat. Totally different from how I would expect a yogurt to be.  It's frozen bits of yogurt that's crunch at first and melt in your mouth.  Instagram worthy.

Penthouse is at point a in Places Part 1 on the map below:

Penthouse - Causewaybay, Hong Kong Penthouse - Causewaybay, Hong Kong Reviewed by chichicho on Saturday, February 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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