Moomba at Angsana Lang Co - Danang, Vietnam

One of the restaurants in Angsana Lang Co Resort is Moomba.  It is right next to the pool.  It serves local and some international food.  Since we were travelling in Vietnam, So, we decided to only order Vietnamese food.  It was pretty hard to see what was on the menu.  The restaurant was super dim.

And they are very well aware of how dim the place is.  So, their menu comes with an LED light.  We wouldn't be able to order anything without it.

Things are quite over priced compared to food outside the resort.  However, it's a hotel.  It's expected to have the price marked up.

We needed the light to see what we were eating....It may seem pretty bright in the picture,but it's just the camera trying to brighten up everything.  In realize, it's dark and the LED light is absolutely necessary to see what you are putting in your mouth.

The shrimp and papaya salad was ok.  It wasn't amazing, but good enough.

Ordered a beef pho.  Really disappointed in it.  There is about 1 or 2 mouthful of noodle and a couple slices of really tough beef.  I don't know if it's a traditional style Vietnamese beef pho, but I have never has such tough beef in pho before.  As for the noodle, it felt very hand made as the noodle thickness and length wasn't consistent.  That wasn't my main concern anyways.  What I really dislike about the noodle is that the noodle texture is a little crumbly/crunchy as if it wasn't thoroughly cooked.  So, it had some gritty texture to it.  Is that what traditional pho is supposed to be like?  If so, I like the usual pho I have in Vancouver.  Cheaper, larger, smoother.

The spring roll that's a leaf wrapped around beef.  Taste pretty good.  Too bad the portion is small.

Ordered another spring roll.  This one a deep fried one.  It's good.  But again, portion is small.

Ordered a couple drinks.  Got a strawberry smoothie, quite disappointing.  Very watery with a very fake strawberry flavor.

The night scenery around the restaurant is amazing though.  Love the lanterns that were hung around the resort.

Moomba is at point 1 on the map below:

Moomba at Angsana Lang Co - Danang, Vietnam Moomba at Angsana Lang Co - Danang, Vietnam Reviewed by chichicho on Sunday, March 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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