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    K-pop: SNSD Paparazzi Nails

    I have been wanting to do these nails for a very long time. However, my nails have been very dry and brittle after painting on them nonstop for months.  Had to let them rest a month before I can paint again.

    After watching the new Paparazzi MV from SNSD, I really liked the shocking pink and black together.  I am not a K-pop fan and am not a SNSD fan.  I just like this MV.  I didn't notice this group until after I saw their The Boys MV.  I liked some of the gowns in that video.  That's how I started to notice this group.

    I find their little tux with the pink gloves look cute together.  So, here is my version of a nail design based on that.

    For the tux:
    1. paint the white base coat
    2. draw the outline of tux with a black nail art brush
    3. color the black part
    4. draw the bow
    5. use white to outline the collar
    6. add the rhinestone on the bow
     Here are the colors I used from left to right:
    Sparitual: Wipe Out
    Maybelline Salon Expert: Black is Black 700
    Piss Nail Art Paint: Black
    Essie: 597 Wife Goes On
    Orly polishield top coat.



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