Day 4: Maidreamin - Osaka, Japan

Since we were in Nipponbashi, I can only think of maid cafe.  I searched up maid cafes on google and Maidreamin popped up first.  When walking toward the Maindreamin Cafe in Nipponbashi, there were many other girls dressed in other maid cafe uniforms handling out flyers to get customers.  It was super hot that day, my make up was melting away.  Those girls were in layers of cute tu-tu skirts and uniforms in full makeup.  It must have been hard on them.  While looking at some of the signs for other maid cafe, many of them seemed pretty sketchy.  Some of them felt like it wasn't appropriate for all age and may only welcome male customers.  I am not sure if I was just misreading the message.  Anyways, when we found Maidreamin, the cafe looked the most legit and welcoming to female customers.

When we enter the cafe, the maids/waitress would chant and greet us.  Cuteness overload.  Other than paying for the food, there is a hourly entry free that each person needs to pay.  So, don't sit too long if you are not a fan.

Their menu is loaded with super cute food too.   But I don't think they would taste very good.  It's just mainly for the look.  We ordered 2 parfaits.

Finally our parfaits came. Super cute.  And of course we had to do a magical chant before we eat.  Turns out when whenever, 1 table chants, the rest of the restaurant would chant as well, including the other customers of course.  It seemed like everyone know everyone.  Most of the customers are guys of course.  Some are young, some are old.  I felt out of place, watching the guys yell out the chant enthusiastically with the cute hand gestures.

Here are some other maid cafes we saw on the way.

This area is loaded with guys.  I have never seen so many guys in one area before.

And then there were some 18+ toy capsule machine.  Curiosity got the better side of us and we put in the 500 yen to see what we would get.

Turns out it's a thong/g-sting...whatever you call it.  For 500 yen.....argh...waste of money.  Very disappointed.  

To balance out our disappointment from the 18+ capsule toy, we went for the regular capsule.  For 200 yen we got a toast coin bag.

Isn't this cute?  It's useful and it's only 200 yen.

Still amazed at how there are so many guys there.....all staring at things that I don't know why was so interesting....

Maidreamin is at point n in Places Part 2 on the map below:


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