Food in Shanghai

There a few different types of Chinese food that I really love.  One of them is Shanghai food.  I love their dumplings.  Both the ones in soup or the ones with the soup in them.  So, going to Shanghai, I just had to stuff myself with dumplings.  They are so good!  Many of the little restaurants or restaurants are good.  For the little restaurants on the street, just check for the one with the long line ups outside.  Those are bound to be good.  A little interesting thing about eating in the little restaurants in Shanghai is that you have to order from a little counter at the door of the shop first before you sit down.  I thought the little counter was for people ordering take out.  Took us a little while to figure out that whether you eat in or take out, you still have to order at the door first.  For the little restaurants, the price is so cheap.  It was just a fraction of what I would need to pay for in Hong Kong, while the taste is many times better.

By Chi.
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