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One thing great about living in Hong Kong is that there are many travel places near by within 1 or 2 hours of flight.  One of the many places is Shanghai.  With many competitive hotel and plane ticket packages, it really isn't too expensive to just go on a weekend vacation on Friday night after work and then flying back home on Sunday night.

Shanghai is pretty much like Hong Kong.  It's a busy city with people pushing against everywhere (not something I enjoy...).  I thought there would be a lot of TaoBao clothings/items (cheap price) there, but to my surprise, I found none.   The stores there are pretty much the same brands name we have in Hong Kong, but just more expensive.  With the high currency rates between Hong Kong dollar and RMB, it's just not a very good deal to buy in Shanghai.  Also since they are selling the same thing in Shanghai, I won't bother to buy it there then ship it back to Hong Kong.

Aside from brand names or chain stores, we found this whole sale mall/area that sells a lot of random neat things!  It's a building with hundred of little shops selling things like earrings, hair pieces, wigs, rhinestones, stickers, fabric, plastic bag, cosmetics, to clothing, picture frames, stuffed animals etc. The prices are amazingly low.  But since it's a whole sale place, most of the shops sell things in lots.  However, I did manage to find a few shops that are willing to sell small quantities in whole sale prices.  Got some earrings and headbands that was about $1USD or $2USD.  I have seen similar items here in Hong Kong and they are easily over $20USD.  So, I couldn't help it and got a whole bunch of stuff.  

As the price is so cheap there, we didn't really think when I buy something.  It was harsh carrying the items back to our hotel, but it was totally worth it.  Other than buying random little things like false lashes, accessories or random things like picture frames, I really don't think there are anything else worth buying.  That's because if you buy brand names, you have to worry about if it's genuine or not.  If you buy non-branded clothes, you basically can't find anything that fits, since people there are probably doll-size, or that I am just too fat compare to the nation.

By Chi.

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