Popin Cookin - Ramen

Saw this package of Popin Cookin one day while shopping around in Mong Kok.  I just had to buy it and it's just so cool.  The Japanese are just too creative.  Just water and powder and some candy and I have created a ramen set that's actually edible.

First to make the gyoza, I cut the white candy into half, flatten it in a circular shape.  Put the filling on the white flattened candy and wrap it up like a gyoza.  The filling is just sweet sugary sprinkle.  The white part is a soft chewy candy that taste like the Japanese lemon pop that has a marble stopper.  Pretty easy to make. 
 The noodle part is really cool.  The soup is just those MSG packet with water, similar to the one we have in those instant noodle.  The only difference is that this is cold and not hot like the usual instant noodle I have.  As for the noodle part, it's paste I mixed with powder and water.  It doesn't have any taste.  It's still a paste when I squeeze it out of the plastic bag, but once it touches the water, it solidifies and has the texture of normal ramen/noodle.  Really cool.  So, the ramen part really just taste like cold instant noodle....which I think is a little disgusting.  Instant noodle just don't seem right when it's cold. I added in some green sprinkle from the gyoza filling as green peas for the ramen topping.


Popin Cookin - Ramen Popin Cookin - Ramen Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, May 07, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. This is so cool, I saw it on YouTube once, but I was wondering if it's really edible or just too sugary. :D Well I guess it is, hope I'll have a chance to try it once :D

    1. This is actually edibe, but a little on the sweet side, like candy. It is very fun though


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