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    Roses on my Nails

    With the base color of the Essie pink and American Apparel from my previous post, I added some more details (or I should say a lot more details) to my nails.

    I got some French floral water decal or nail tattoo online cut them out individually. I then traced a heart shape on the back of some of the decal and cut out a heart shape. Then soaked them and placed on on my nails. 

    They would look weird if you leave them like that. I don't know how to make them look normal other than lining the edge with dots using the dotting tool. Add another line of rhinestones and I am done!

    That didn't take me too long. What would I do without water decal and stickers? It would take hours for me to paint the flowers with a brush. 

    By Chi.


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