Shanghai siu long dumplings :)


So while we were in Shanghai, we saw people eating these giant 小龍飽 (soup dumpling).  It's so cool! it's a like wonton with soup, except the soup is in the dumpling!  The dumpling was steaming hot when it was served.  

It took us a while to figure out how to eat it.  If we just cut it open, the soup will be all over the place.  The outer dough thingy is so thin and fragile that if I make a hole large enough for my spoon to dig it, it will just rip and the soup will go all over the place again.  Then if we use a straw to drink the soup first, our tongues would be cooked before we could even taste it.  

Then, I came up with a plan.  I make a tiny little hole on the top and then kept blowing into the hole, pumping it up like a balloon, until the inside has cooled down.  It worked!

As for the taste, it has this really fishy/seafood-ish taste, which I don't like.  Too seafood-ish.....I hate fish.  I was probably a fish in my last life.  I can't stand to eat my own kind....

Here is a video on how we cooled it.

By Chi.
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