Argyle Diamond Water Decal Nail Art

I always wanted to paint some diamond shapes on my nails. However, it is impossible to do it perfectly on your own. Saw these and immediately got them. Now I don't have to cry in despair to create the perfect argyle diamond.

I am loving this decal as it's very opaque and the thickness is just right. It's very easy to maneuver.

You can get it here:

First you paint your nails with the base color of your choice. 

Then cut out the images that you want to use. Remove the plastic film.

Soak the decal in room temperature water for 5-10 seconds.

The decal is ready to come off. Then just place it on your nails. Dab off excess water with tissue then apply your favorite top coat to protect the design.

I added some studs too. I find that including 3 components in your manicure makes a big difference. So I used 1. water decal 2. glitter polish 3. studs. If it's just 2 components, it just doesn't look as good. If you put in 4 components, it looks messy.  So, to me, 3 is the magical number. 

Argyle Diamond Water Decal Nail Art Argyle Diamond Water Decal Nail Art Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, July 21, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. What a great mix and match mani, love the colors and the way you added the studs!


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