Texas Burger in Hong Kong

I love American fast food. Love the unhealthy greasy life shortening goodies. I some how ran into an advertorial of this place call Texas Burger in Hong Kong. They have really yummy looking photos in the article, so I just can't help but to check out the place myself. The restaurant looks cute and cozy. However, if you are the type with a weak bladder, make sure you relief yourself before you come to this restaurant. The washroom in this place is ABSOLUTELY disgusting! It will ruin your appetite even after you've starve yourself the whole day.

Anyways, we ordered a BBQ Texas Burger and a Cashel Blue Burger. I think the burgers are pretty good.  They are juicy, thick patties.  However, one thing I don't like about the patties is that they add onions in it, giving it an Asian food taste. It just feels weird to have something tastes so Asian in a burger. Or maybe I just don't like the minced onion with beef combo. I mean I love having caramelized onion in my burger, or diced fresh onions in my burger, but just not diced onion in my beef patty.

Here is the Cashel Blue Burger. 

I think to compromise with Asians' taste preference, they used a blue cheese that's not very strong at all. Well, that's understandable, many Chinese hate blue cheese.  I like this burger more as the taste of blue cheese covered up the seared onion taste in the beef patty. 

Here is the BBQ Texas Burger. Excuse my poor skill in cutting the burger in half. Its juicy, but I guess you can't really choose how they make your burger. It's all well done. I like how the patty is thick though!

We ordered the berries milkshake too~ looks pretty evil, doesn't it?

They serve other snacks and pasta too.  However, I was too full to try. 

Address: G/F, 109 Electric Road, Tin Hau

Texas Burger at point U in "Places Part 1" on map.

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