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    Christmas Characters Nail Art

    Christmas Characters Nail Art

    I was going to break into tears when I ruined these nails half way. It was already 1am but I just had to do my Christmas nails. My eyes were tired and half closed. I flooded my cuticle, smudges the corners here and there, scraped the polishes with my gel pen (when I drew on the black outline) and the top coat totally smudged away the outlines....  If you have more patience than me, please redo this nail for me.

    I used a whole bunch of nail polishes for this one.  I am too lazy to list them out...unless someone asks me to.

    Although, these nails were easily ruined by me, they aren't as complicated to make as they seem.  First you paint on the base colors of everything you see here and then use a black gel pen to outline everything.  The key here is to make sure everything is DRY before you add another layer of details.  I was sleepy and tired and had no patience....so that's how I ruined it.  This is especially important for the gel pen part.  You must wait until the gel pen is totally dry, then spray some hair spray on over your nails to protect the gel pen.  Then wait for the hair spray to completely dry on your nails.  Then finally apply top coat!  If any of the steps were not done probably, then you will get crappy nails like mine.

    If you can't figure it out, I have snow man on my index finger, Santa on my middle finger, gingerbread man on my ring finger and a random patter on my pinky, I guess you can call that a Christmas tree?  As for my thumb, I didn't paint it because I broke my nail on my thumb.  I didn't bother to do my other hand as the nails on this hand were already ruined.

    Let me know if any of you actually want to know the polishes I used.

    Christmas Characters Nail Art

    Christmas Characters Nail Art

    Christmas Characters Nail Art

    I love using Etude House Easy Peel Base Coat.  I had this on for about 2 days.  Now that it's off, I can do a new set of nails.



    1. Oh very beautiful and lovely nails design~


    2. Soooooo cute :) I love it !!
      Happy Holidays! :)
      Loce Miciih


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