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    富熹園 Full Hei Korean Japanese Restaurant @ Taipo, Hong Kong

    There are much Korean BBQ restaurants I know of in Taipo.  I was surprised when I saw some banners promoting this place while walking in Taipo one night.  Decided to give it a try.  There are different pricing for different time slots.  I went in at 7pm on a Wednesday night.  So, it's HKD$188 per person.  I didn't have much expectation for this place.  I just wanted something different other than Chinese food.   I expected much from the layout of the place either.  It's Taipo afterall, can't really compare to the city area.  I was surprised once I step foot into the place.  It actually looked decent!  The place was bright and the furnishing looked new.

    There is a pretty big area for food.  There is a cooked food section, appetizer section, kimchi section, desserts section and a drinks section. Last but not least, there of course is a meat section for you to take what you want to barbecue.

    You also get unlimited soft drinks and juice.

    There are many different varieties of food there other than Korean or Japanese.  There was also Thai and Chinese.

    I can't say the quality of the meat was great, but for sure for the same quality, I would need to pay a double if I eat in the city and with less choices too.

    We are fully utilizing the pan/grill.

    Here is a beef tongue~

    Our platter of desserts.

    I like the tofu pudding the most!  It's fresh (at least it seems so) and warm.  You scoop it from the bucket.  Very authentic feeling.

    I think the place isn't all too good, but definitely a lot better than the ones out there charging double the price.  It's a good choice if you feel like having Korean BBQ but don't want to head out to the city.

    Address: Shop 20, 1/F, 88 Square, NO.88 Po Heung Street, Tai Po
    Full Hei Korea Japanese Restaurant at point e in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.



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