Simple Nail Art for Office and Work

One down thing about going to work is that your company probably don't want girls in the office to have tacky nails as it would seem "unprofessional".  Somehow, whether someone is good and professional at whatever they do depends on what their nails look like.  Unless you are a nail artist, I really can't think of a job where the boss would openly welcome a girl with tacky colorful nails at work.  I went to interview at a few firms and there are some that said specifically that to keep the professional image of the company and staffs, girls are not allowed to do nails.  And when they girls feel they must do their nails, they can only do nude or super simple designs.  No flowers, no rhinestones, no drawings.  So, here is a simple design for the office.

First I painted Zoya's Cho as the base color.  Here are 2 coats of the color.

Then when the base color dried, I just drew a line running down the middle.  Simple and plain with minimal design.  Apply top coat when the black stripe is dried.  


Simple Nail Art for Office and Work Simple Nail Art for Office and Work Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Rating: 5

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