Day 4 - Majang Market - Seoul, South Korea

We are back here again.  We have fallen in love with the beef here!  We just had to come back to Majang Meat Market even though we know we shouldn't be consuming so much meat!

We were diligently looking through the meat at each vendor.  I read online that the grade for best beef in Korea is 1+++, so we were looking for that 3 +'s...but we didn't find any.  Most of the them was 1+.  Maybe they have it hidden in the back?  I don't know...can't speak the language and didn't bother asking.  So, when we finally saw 1++, we just went for it!

This looks like a big package of meat doesn't it?  But then the bottom of the plate is filled with a bag of air~  We got this pack.

Then got 3 pieces from another big chunk of meat we saw.  Asked the lady to cut us 3 slices.

Cho is hardcore and want's some beef sashimi.  So, there's the lady cutting up that chunk of beef into small strands.  Is it safe to eat it like that raw? I don't think so, but everyone has been doing it.

So, this is everything we got.  The fatty pork slices on the right is free "service"~  The total for the meat alone was about 80,000 won.  I hope we weren't ripped off.

The butcher lady took us and the meat we bought to a nearby restaurant where we can BBQ our meat for 5000 won per person.  There, they prepared the beef sashimi as well...but of course for a cost, I forgot how much.

I don't know which cut this is from, but it was freaking awesome!

This big was so-so.

Stir and mix the yolk with beef and eat it raw!  It actually taste good, but I don't like the feeling of eating raw beef like that.

Cho working hard on the meat!

You can find Majang Meat Market at point t on the list "Places Part 1" on the map below:


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