Travel Sim Card Data for Canada

One reason I love Vancouver is that I can stay connected in most of the places I visit.  Many of the café and restaurants and night clubs have free wifi.  When they require a password, just punch in their phone number or the business’s name.  I feel uneasy when I am disconnected.  It’s probably a sickness that I have.  I get very upset with a crazy temper when my internet is not working.

Although there is free wifi in Vancouver, but sometimes you just have the need to stay connected even when you are taking a 15 minute walk out to the park.  Or you are just obsessed with staying connected, which is me.  That’s why I go a travel data sim card this time I visit Vancouver.  Most of the data plan in Vancouver are expensive.  Well, things in Vancouver are just expensive!  

For HK$300, I got this 4g card that I can use for 2 weeks.  Fairly easy to use, but must activate before I leave Hong Kong by making a call.  It doesn't really say to activate the card before you fly, but if you don't do it while in Hong Kong, you will risk not being able to use it at all when you arrive in Canada.

Love how the card is good for US and Europe~

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