Private Beach at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam

When I was searching for a resort to stay in, "private beach" was the main thing I search for.  So, when I saw Angsana Lang Co near Da Nang in Vietnam has a long private beach, I didn't hesitate to book.  

The beach is connected to resort.  It takes about 30 seconds from me to walk from our beach view suite to the beach.

That's the suite I stayed at and as you can see, it is seconds to the beach.

The beach connects Banyan Tree and Angsana Lang Co.  It takes just a few minutes to walk between the two.  I went in mid January when it was their winter, their rain season.  It was raining everyday and very windy too.  The huge waves made it very dangerous to swim or any water activities.  During our say, the red flag was up indicating it is dangerous for water activities.

It was low season when I went.  We had the entire beach to ourselves.  Unfortunately, it was windy, cloudy and cold.  It would have been amazing if it was summer when I went.

There are plenty of beach chair and beds lined along the sandy beach.  However, since it was raining, the covers were on. But if it wasn't raining, it was still free for guests to use.

When guests stay on the beach, the staffs are very quick to attend.  They pop out of nowhere with towels and drinks.  Great services.

Angsana Lang Co is at point 1 on the map below:

Private Beach at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam Private Beach at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam Reviewed by chichicho on Sunday, March 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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