Day 6: 신선설농탕 홍대점 Beef soup restaurant that opens before 11am in Hongdae - Seoul

Last day in Seoul and totally want more Korean food.  Started the day early hoping we can squeeze in a couple more meals in the day.  Turns out most of the restaurants don't open until after 11am.  Walked around to find that even soem restaurants that claim to be opening 24 hours a day were still closed at 10am.  Finally found 신선설농탕 홍대점 Sinseon Seolnongtang in Hongdae that opened before 11am.  Weirdly, it seemed everyone eating there were tourist.  I could hear many customers speaking in Chinese.  I guess only tourists would wake up early in the area?  Afterall, it is a student party location.

They are so caring to have a ini mirror on the table for those that needs to take picture with their food or apply lipstick after a meal.

Ordered the cheapest beef soup and a dumpling.

It was the cheapest bowl, but there were still a lot of beef.  I can't really tell the different between beef and pork soup.  They all taste the same to me.  I like them all anyways.  It may not seems like a lot, but it was very filling and stuffed the 2 of us.  Breakfast came to 12000 won, not bad at all~

신선설농탕 홍대점 is at point i in Places Part 4 on the map below:


Day 1: LG Palace B2 Luggage Storage > Breakfast at 김밥천국 > airbnb at Exit 1 > Line Friends Store Hongdae > Shopping and Eating in Hongdae > Meerkat Cafe > 신 돈아돈아 BBQ > Street Food Tent Hongdae

Day 2: Breakfast at 싸움의고수 > Exit Mall > Dunkin Donuts > 빈스킹토스트 cheesy sandwich > Zapangi Cafe > Mangwon Market > Mapo Agricultural & Marine Products Market > supermarket inside fish market > 七百食堂-칠백식 > Shopping Near Exit 8 Hongdae >

Day 3: Majang Market > 청춘1번가 Seoul Folk Flea Market > Urban Space Myeongdong > Myeongdong street food > 신진도간장게장(弘大醬油蟹)

Day 4: Breakfast at 돈수백 홍대직영점 (猪寿百 弘大直营店) > Kakao Friends Museum > 2D Cartoon CAFE 연남동239-20 > Haneul Park (pink grass) > Eating at Homeplus > Bamdokkaebi Night Market > Chicken Delivery

Day 5: Path next to Exit 3 > The April Cafe > Underground Korean Restaurant near exit 9 > Lammbraten > Stretch Angel > Kitsune Cafe > Bistopping

Day 6: Sinseon Seolnongtang > Hyehwa Dong > Jeffrey Cauendish st. London > Ihwa-dong Mural Village > Bibimbap at Yookssam Naengmyeon
Day 6: 신선설농탕 홍대점 Beef soup restaurant that opens before 11am in Hongdae - Seoul Day 6: 신선설농탕 홍대점 Beef soup restaurant that opens before 11am in Hongdae - Seoul Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Rating: 5

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