Checking in at Angsana Lang Co - Vietnam

It has been a while since we last went on a vacation.  We were deciding to go to Thailand or to Vietnam.  We have never been to Vietnam before and have been hearing our friends visiting various part of Vietnam in the past year.  We thought we might as well visit a new place to see what it's like.

We have been looking to and found Angsana Lang Co, part of Banyan Tree.  Their package was ridiculously tempting.  So, without much research at all, we booked.  We then ask our friends what Vietnam is like and they told us it's hot.  That there is no winter.  So, we went in mid January with the lightest luggage.  I basically bought 5 swim suits and a couple summer dresses that I can't even call it real clothes.  I regretted what I packed for the trip the moment I step off the plane.  It was 14 degree celsius that day.  Turns out Vietnam does have winter, unlike what our friends said.  Even before I flew to Vietnam, I checked on AccuWeather that it would be 26 degree celsius.  I guess I trusted my friends and AccuWeather a little too much.

Anyways, we have emailed Angsana Lang Co a few days before we took off and organized with them to pick us up at the International Da Nang Airport.  This is a free service.  The staffs of the resort was already waiting at the small airport's entrance went we arrived.  We waited a few minutes for a couple of people that flew on the same plane as us that were also heading to the same resort before we started the shuttle.  The ride from International Da Nang Airport to the resort is about 1 hour.  There is wifi in the shuttle to keep us busy.  

We were greeting with really friendly staffs at the entrance with a tons of colorful lanterns.

Similar to their other branches, hot tea and tower were serviced.  They gave us a little box of green bean cake too.  They say it's Vietnam's delicacy.  Sweet and delicate little cubes that crumbles into powder in our mouth.  I can't tell the difference between Vietnam's and Taiwan's green bean cakes.

Angsana Lang Co is withint the Laguna Park where Banyan Tree Lang Co is also at.  They gave us a Laguna bracelet as welcome gift as we were checking in.

After a short introduction of the resort, the staff took us to our room.  Everyone are very polite as expected.  The resort feels a lot older than it should be.  I guess it wasn't very well kept.  However, it's in the middle of no where, so it's already in great condition...I guess.

Angsana Lang Co is at point 1 on the map below:


Angsana Lang Co Resort Hotel:

Hoi An:

Da Nang:
Vin Mart
Han Market
Salem Spa
Charm Spa
Samdi Hotel
Da Nang International Airport

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