Day 2: 大東夜市 Dadong Night Market - Tainan, Taiwan

Finally, there is a place in Tainan we went that was somewhat crowded.  We went to 大東夜市 Dadong Night Market.  Although there were a lot of people, but it was still a bearable amount.  We could still freely walk around without having to rub against strangers.  The market sells everything from clothes, electronics, accessories, toys to street food snacks.  I was very much attracted by the food.  However, we couldn't buy any as we were going to dinner after night market.  I love night market food in Taiwan.

The food section of the night market was probably the most crowded area.

I love Taiwan style chicken nuggets!

There were even stalls selling Korean street food.  Some sort of barbecue meat.

See! Some parts of the night market were very spacious.  We could have jumped around without bumping into people.  A nice break from the crowded life in Hong Kong.

There were lots of random accessories to buy.  Next to the accessories shop, there is a clothing stall and it's selling at TW$500 for 2!!!!  To be honest, the quality of the fabric use isn't the greatest, but still, the price is so low!  The clothes are mainly 1 size fits all, which never fits me.

There were stalls for playing games to win stuffed toys.

Just when I thought clothes can't get lower than TW$200, there was a rack of  TW$150.  I wonder how much the workers at the factory earned for making these...The clothes are really cute, but quite small.  They are really for the typical petite Asians that's almost skin and bones.  I have too much fat on me to fit into these.  

Pricing is always lower as you walk deeper into the night market.  I learned that a little too late and paid more for my phone screen protector.  I paid TW$150.  If only walked another 10 steps around the corner, it was TW$100.  I know the TW$50 difference isn't much, but it's really annoying to see every single other stalls are selling it cheaper.  Moral of the story is never buy on impulse.  Walk to a few more stalls before buying.

Since clothes wasn't something we could fit into, we went to look at accessories instead.  They were all so cute and some of them were cheaply priced.  I am sure we could buy them for a cheaper price online, but you would never be able to touch and feel the quality.  Also, usually when buying hair accessories for a low price online, it requires me to buy in bulk.  So, I would actually be spending more if I buy online.

At the end we got some hair accessories and a cute little ring.

There was a stall selling surgical face mask.  They were so cute.  They have ones for adults and ones for kids.  Good for when the air is too polluted and you need to stay outdoor.

It was getting late and people have probably finished having dinners.  So, the night market was getting crowded.  It was also time for us to leave for dinner.

大東夜市 Dadong Night Market is at point G in Places Part 2 on the map below:


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Day 2: 大東夜市 Dadong Night Market - Tainan, Taiwan Day 2: 大東夜市 Dadong Night Market - Tainan, Taiwan Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, May 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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