Day 3: Inari Temple - Kyoto, Japan

I kept seeing pictures of a temple with lots of oranges gates/torii.  Googled it and found that it is vert close to Kyoto Station.  It was about a 15 minutes train ride from Kyoto Station to Inari Station.

I love how Inari Station is designed to match the temple.  It looks like it is lined with the orange torii.

It was pretty late in the afternoon and the place was still crowded.  I can't imagine what it would be like earlier in the day.

I like how they have a color map to temple.  Seems like it would be a long way to walk to the top.  So, we decided to only head to the part where it is line with the torii instead of going all the way up to the top.

Lots of cute souvenir.  Love foxes and souvenir.  So, I love this temple.  It is a fox temple.  So, lots of fox related items in the gift shops.

Although the map made it seem like it would walk up the hill, it is actually a very easy walk.  At least it is easy for the part just to the row of the orange torii.

The further up you walk, the less people there are.  So, better chance of taking a photo under the gates without so many people in the photo.

Other parts of the temple was really pretty too.

Going back down to the station, there is a street lined with food vendor.  It was about 5pm and everyone was already closing up.  But if we went to the temple any earlier, there would be too many people to push through.  Dilemma.  To go early or not?

It was mid April when we went.  We only found 1 cherry blossom tree left and most of the cherry blossom has fallen off.

Inari Temple is at point j in Places Part 2 on the map below:


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