Day 3: Kyoto Station Udon - Kyoto, Japan

We have been rushing between Osaka and Kyoto all morning and didn't get to sit down for a good lunch.  We have so many places we wanted to go but so little time!  We were starving and luckily there were restaurants in the paid area of Kyoto Station.  Just between the many different tracks, there is a stand up restaurants for some quick udon and soba.

We needed some hot food to feel satisfied.  Love how there are pictures to go with the ticketing machine.  Made life so much easier for us.

It's just a very small restaurant.  Not seatings at all.  We all just stand around the counter around the kitchen waiting for our food to be served.  

For a super quick lunch, it'll do.

For fast food, it's definitely not bad.  It's hard to go wrong with fried food and noodle anyways.  Just glad that we could have something other than cold rice ball from convenience store inside the paid area of the train station.

Kyoto Station is at point i in Places Part 2 on the map below:


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