Day 3: 七彩長廊 Colorful Framed Walkway - Tainan, Taiwan

We were driving around in Tainan and saw this rainbow walkway.  Couldn't help it but to stop our car to take a few photos.  It's not a very long walkway.  It's just about 20 - 30 meters.  Love how colorful it is. Looks great in pictures.  Find your favorite color section and unleash your selfie power.  Fun place for a photoshoot with a group of friends.

七彩長廊 Colorful Framed Walkway is at point L in Places Part 2 on the map below:


Day 1: 阿亮香雞排 Deep Fried Chicken at Jhongsiao Night Market
Day 2: 丹丹漢堡 Dandan Hamburg > 快樂髮型五福店 Hair Salon > Poya深藍咖啡旗艦店 Deep Blue Cafe佛都愛玉 > 緣味(揚)東山鴨頭 > 醇涎坊古早味鍋燒意麵 noodle > 巨型扭蛋機 Toy Capsule > 大東夜市 > 阿裕牛肉湯 Beef Hotpot > Check in at Hotel de L'eau
Day 3: Breakfast at Hotel de L'eau > 学甲蜀葵花海 Hollyhock flower sea > 新營紅燒土魠二代店 Mackerel Noodle > 七彩長廊 Colorful Frame Walkway > Paripari Apt Cafe > 奇美博物館 Chimei Museum > 鼎王麻辣鍋(七賢店) Tripod King > 光南大批發 Kuang Nan Fashion Shop > Bonny & Read > Family Mart
Day 4: 美而美漢堡 Mei & Mei Burger Breakfast > A-Bao 蛋餅 > 玩9創意 > 純發西點麵包 Chun Fa Bakery > 阿Q黑砂糖剉冰 Q Chen Shaved Ice > Kaohsiung Airport
Day 3: 七彩長廊 Colorful Framed Walkway - Tainan, Taiwan Day 3: 七彩長廊 Colorful Framed Walkway - Tainan, Taiwan Reviewed by chichicho on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Rating: 5

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