Day 3: 新營紅燒土魠二代店 Mackerel Noodle - Tainan, Taiwan

Our lovely friend/host took us around Tainan in her car.  She was so thoughtful and googled a lot to bring us to popular local food.  After we went to look at the fields of hollyhock flowers, she drove more than 30 minutes to a pretty rural area to have mackerel and noodle.  We got lost along the way as we aren't good at reading maps and signal on our phone wasn't great in the rural area.  So, really appreciated her for driving.

It is a very small local restaurants.  There aren't any tall buildings in that part of the city.  I felt like we travelled back in times to about 30 or 40 years ago.

Very simple menu/order form.  Very friendly pricing and the portions were not small.

Ordered a couple of cold dishes.  Marinated fresh cucumber always my favorite.  Crunchy and a little sweet.

Then we order the century egg and tofu, which is one of Cho's favorite.  She likes the brown sauce Taiwanese uses.

We love the noodle.  There are deep fried chunks on the top that is mackerel and it tastes nothing like fish.  I usually hate eating fish for their fishy smell, but there is none in this dish.  In fact, I thought they were deep fried chicken nuggets.  The soup is thick with the aroma of roasts squid.  The noodle picks up the thick soup in every bite.  I also added a soy sauce egg.  Sweet soy sauce egg can never go wrong.

新營紅燒土魠二代店 Mackerel Noodle is at point K in Places Part 2:


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Day 3: 新營紅燒土魠二代店 Mackerel Noodle - Tainan, Taiwan Day 3: 新營紅燒土魠二代店 Mackerel Noodle - Tainan, Taiwan Reviewed by chichicho on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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