Day 2: 快樂髮型五福店 Happy Hair Salon - Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Cho loves going to the salon to get her hair washed in Taiwan.  Reason is it's cheap and they do a good job.  For a small price, they would wash and massage.  If I remember correctly, it was about US$5 to wash our hair and then less than US$ to have then curl our hair with curling iron.  Seeing the price so low, it may seem they do a bad job. But no, they do a really good job.  My hair is down to my butt like a ghost.  It would be a hassle to curl it.  I just don't have the time and energy for it.  So, why not have someone wash and prepare your hair for you on vacation.  Then we were ready for taking photos for the day.

This place was so clean and modern looking inside.  We couldn't help but to get hair treatment. 

 Treatment is not as cheap though.  It was about US$45 for hair treatment.  But hey, it's still reasonable when we compare to Hong Kong's pricing.  Also, we each over 2 feet of hair, it would have cost us a lot to buy treatments to do it at home anyways.  

I like the names of their various treatment.  

The girls were really professional.  I didn't feel my hair being tugged or break when they were separating strands of hair in order to have my hair fully saturated in the treatment.  That is amazing as my hair is impossible to comb through when it's wet.  I haven't comb my hair when wet for years as it's just too painful.

I believe there are many other salons that would charge a lower price, but the shop might just not look so nice and clean.  Anyways, hair washing is a must when visiting Taiwan.

Happy Hair Salon is at point B in Places Part 2 on the map below:


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Day 2: 快樂髮型五福店 Happy Hair Salon - Kaohsiung, Taiwan Day 2: 快樂髮型五福店 Happy Hair Salon - Kaohsiung, Taiwan Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, April 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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